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I want you to read this urgently if you’re either of the following:


  • A LURN Student
  • Looking to get UNLIMITED Free Traffic
  • Want to build a FREE Targeted Email List
  • Want a PERSONAL coach to help you make money online…

I’m building my OWN team within the OMG program!  See, here at LURN, we believe in taking EXTRA great care of our students. I’ve been working on this team secretly for almost 3 months!  


In the last 3 months, I’ve worked the hardest to actually find you not 1, not 2, but 8 highly successful Personal Coaches who are EACH doing between $50,000 and $500,000 PER MONTH using the exact same OMG strategies


  • All our coaches are actual OMG students!
  • Anik Singal is IN this program and works with the OMG team on a daily basis.

    Anik Singal believes in this training so much that he is now putting himself and his entire team through the program. That’s why he has gone out of his way to find a brilliant coach to help him!
  • We’re throwing in over $14,473 in Free Bonuses – JUST for you!

    You’re a LURN student now. You should always be V.I.P. We make sure that our students get the best of the best. These additional bonuses are just for you and will increase your chances of success by at least 500%!

You have very limited time. If you’re ready to change your life, then it’s time to make that decision NOW.

A Quick Word From James..

Meet Your Multi Million Dollar Coaches
They Are ALL Actual OMG Students -
Exactly What You’re About To Learn


Now, in addition to the amazing training you get from the OMG masters – you’re also going to get HAND HELD training from my hand selected panel of coaches.


Remember, I have PERSONALLY hired these coaches to train you. This coaching costs YOU absolutely nothing. I’ve already paid them on your behalf. I truly believe in the value of more personal coaching.


These guys are absolutely brilliant.


They are each a raging success in their own right, and each truly cares about helping you.


Here is your coaching panel:

  • Kotton Grammar
  • Greg Morrison
  • Elizabeth Herrera
  • Joshua Fletcher
  • Joseph Marfoglio
  • Stephen Floyd

Each of these were OMG students, and each of them are earning between $50,000 and $500,000 PER MONTH... and they're ready to disect every inch of their own business to make sure you are successful!


Let’s Work Side By Side
The OMG Community Is One of The Best
Marketing Communities In The World


See…creating a successful marketing community is VERY difficult. It takes a lot of time, tons of coaches and a very caring community. It’s rare to find a community where all the students want to help each other.


This is what has impressed me the most about OMG.


There is nothing greater or more influential than the power of working together. Not only do you get to work with the amazing OMG Team, you will get your own Private Coaches.


Not only will you have Your Coaches – but even I’m going to be working on the OMG system – side by side with you!


Want Some Proof?
Just Look at The Radical Success Stories Coming From OMG Machines


Guys, I have over 90 pictures that are INCOME Proofs from OMG Machines working. Students are raking in success left and right!


Here’s just a small snippet.


I’m only showing you this so you know that this system 100% WORKS.  This is the REAL-DEAL!






I could keep going and going – but I think we all get the point!


Really…the decision is yours.


Now, you’re about to see HOW much I believe in the OMG program, I’m going to hand you over $14,473 in Free Bonuses!


We’re going way over the top because that’s how much we believe in the OMG business model!  Actually, more than even OMG, that’s how much we believe in this amazing community and the great leaders of the community.


I’m saying it flat out – I want you to JOIN our team.  I want you to JOIN OMG.


If I have to bribe you to do it – then, so be it.



Team of 6 OMG Private Coaches
(Value: $2,997)

Anik Singal has gone out and twisted many many arms to make this happen.

From all the most radical success stories of OMG, Anik Singal found 6 SHINING stars.



I really wanted my students to only work with the absolute best.  I’ve gone ahead and paid 6 incredible coaches a HUGE consulting fee for this. I know it’s going to be worth it for our students, they’re going to get a LOT out of all the extra help and attention.”
-Anik Singal


All 6 of these coaches are ROCK-STAR success stories FROM the OMG program. Just a couple of years ago they were just like everyone else. However, right after starting the OMG program they've each become a raging success.

...all using the very same training you’re about to get.

You are going to get 5 coaching webinars PER WEEK for a whole year, where your coach will cover extra killer training, and of course you can get any question you have answered.

This means you can get your PERSONAL questions answered by a hugely successful coach – one that is making between $50,000 and $500,000 PER MONTH using the same system you’re about to use!


  • 1 year of free coaching (5 sessions a week!)
  • Get Personal Questions Answered - By someone that has been there and done that
  • Each coach will even DISSECT their own successful businesses and campaigns – that’s insane value!

This private coaching is easily worth more than $2,497 – These coaches are going to be a major game changer in your business!



List Academy (Value: $1,997)


OMG is going to show you how to drive a ton of traffic completely free.


One of the many things you can do with that traffic is capture leads and build a list. But that begs the question...


What do do with that list?


This is where List Academy comes in. List Academy is all about how to get the most out of your list.


This is no ordinary "bonus". This is a full stand alone program.


I only value it at $1997 because that's what I sell it for, but if you look at the components of what's included, it's worth MUCH more than that. Just look at what it includes:


  • Anik’s Open Vault - My 13-Year Experience = Your 7-Day Success
  • List Building Master Class – 6-Week Tele-Class on How to Build a Huge List FAST
  • Mega Conversion Corner – My WINNING Templates, Models, Emails, & Subject Lines
  • Active Expert Community – Share & Review Your Emails and Marketing Strategies
  • Expert Think Tank & Test Bank – First Class Ticket to Anik’s NEW Strategies and Secrets
  • Event-Based Marketing Mastery – How to Crush Promotions, Deepen Relationships & Build Amazing Value

And that doesn't even mention the 5 incredible bonuses that you'll also get when you join OMG. I'll save them as a secret surprise when you get inside.


Top 10 Instant Success Niches – The Best Niches To Start In! (Value: $997)


This is absolutely priceless.


Brian Magnosi + Mike Long + Greg Morrison have been marketing using the OMG system for a combined 6+ years. They’ve tried and tested all the major niches you can imagine.


What if… right now… we can save you THOUSANDS of dollars and weeks or even months of time.


I (Anik Singal) have personally twisted their arms to get them to reveal the Top 10 NichesOMG works for.


This way you have almost no risk right from Day #1! 


  • The Exact Top 10 Niches That Always Work!
  • The Precise Way To Start in These Niches
  • Actual PROOF of These Niches Rocking It Out!

  This one bonus alone can seriously make the complete difference in your life! You don’t have any risk at all – now you can almost instantly begin making money!


SUPER EXCLUSIVE – CRASH Course in 3 Niches –
Each Are $1 Million Niches! (Value: $1,997)


An additional rocking boot camp!


Brian Magnosi has PERSONALLY worked in 3 rock-star and world-wide niches that are each capable of easily generating a minimum of $1 Million a YEAR (if you do them right).


Brian is already well on track!


Anik Singal is going to GRILL Brian on each of these niches & you’re going to get a detailed plan on how to attack each of these niches.  This bonus has never been seen because Brian is releasing PERSONAL information!


  • STEP by STEP Plan – How To Launch $1 Million Niches

    This is going to be an absolutely amazing session. Not only will Brian tell you just what niche to go into – specifically…but he’ll even give you a NICHE SPECIFIC “step by step” launch plan.

    These niches are huge & can support a LOT of marketers so we never have to worry about competition!
  • Secrets To 3 Niches That are Big & Easy To Enter

    Each niche has it’s own marketing secrets – they have their own “twists and turns.” No matter how smart of a marketer you are, it can take you a few months to figure them out.

    Not with these 3 niches! Brian is going to give you all his expertise in one shot!
  • How To Get INSTANT Traffic in Each of the 3 Niches!

    Sometimes the first 30-60 days can be the hardest in big niches – you have to work the hardest for the least results. Well, when you see Brian’s entry plan – you’re going to be shocked. You can start seeing instant results!

Now – THIS is how you build a truly scalable business!  This bonus alone can make you into a multi-millionaire!



Generate Millions Selling Physical Products!  Free 2 Day Virtual Workshop + Mike Long LIVE! (Value: $1,997)


This is one of my personal new passions online!


I LOVE Selling products on Amazon.com – it’s easy, it’s quick and it’s incredibly profitable. Well, I’ve got a huge surprise for you.


This is an entire new business model that you can master!



#1 – FREE 2 Day Virtual Workshop Recordings – How to Sell Physical Products on Amazon.com

This workshop was only available to my TOP students who had invested close to $4,000 into a program.  We spent 2 days (over a weekend with them) – virtually – and made them into PHYSICAL PRODUCT SELLING Masters.


You can have the entire Recordings of this LIVE Event for FREE. 


#2 – Mike Long LIVE on Stage – Amazing Presentation + Standing Ovation!

Mike Long gave a 1 hour presentation on stage at MY event in Las Vegas and he rocked the house – he got a standing ovation unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!



Topic:  How to get UNLIMITED Free Traffic to your Amazon.com sales page using the OMG techniques.


This was an absolutely SICK presentation and it was one of the most talked about presentations I’ve ever seen.


Well, I recorded it for you and will HAND it right to you – on a silver platter!


You’re going to love this entire bonus. It’s like getting an entirely separate course for FREE!


Inboxing + OMG Secrets – Interview Series with Anik Singal! (Value: $497)

Mike Long is not only an amazing Internet Marketer but an equally brilliant INTERVIEWER.


Mike actually enjoys putting me (Anik Singal) on the HOT SEAT and grilling me about everything I know related to Email Marketing. 

Mike and I have started a series that is ONLY for our OMG students (who join through my link).


This Interview Series will teach you the #1 way to make Million using Email marketing.  More specifically, we teach you how to combine the traffic strategies of OMG with the Email marketing strategies of Inbox Blueprint to create an absolute monster.


This series has already been creating a tidal wave of feedback.


Students are loving it and profiting from it almost instantly. Everything taught in this Interview series is 100% GOLD!


Grab your copy for FREE right away!



Anik's Crash Course in SEO
(Value: $1,997)


OMG is amazing!! They have more successful students than any program I've ever seen!


Hundreds of them!


Make hundreds of thousands of dollars... MILLIONS sometimes!


But it can get pretty advanced. I've created this crash course for anyone that is starting from absolute scratch.


If you don't know the first thing about search engine optimization, watch this crash course, and that should get you up to speed, and ready to tackle OMG.


Hey, it's no OMG, but who knows, I might even have a few little secrets of my own up my sleeve that I share wink wink



FULL VIDEO TRAINING – Step By Step – Launching a CITY GUIDE Business! (Value: $1,497)

So, Mike Long and Greg Morrison have a new killer strategy to make money online – it’s fast becoming the #1 way their OMG students are earning a killing (including our own coach – Brian Magnosi).


It’s called the “MY CITY GUIDE” business model.


Not only have we custom-coded a great software for you – to help automate this entire business, but…


Brian Magnosi is going to take an entire few days and create an ENTIRE new course for you – something that is ALL about how to build the CITY GUIDE business. 

This will be a Full VIDEO based course – step by step walk-through for you!


  • Highly Exclusive – Only Our LURN Students Get This Course

  • NEVER To Be Sold – You’ll Never Be Able To Buy This Course Separately

  • Brian’s TOP Monetization Strategy – He’s a TRUE Expert In This!


Basically – you get a 100% crash course in a strategy that is making even the most beginner students over $45,000 to $60,000 a MONTH.


Private & Exclusive Members Area – Only
For Anik’s OMG Students! (Value: $997)


This is where you become ROYALTY.


As I (Anik Singal) mentioned, I always want to make sure that my students are treated like the utmost V.I.P. no matter where they are – whether it’s one of my programs, or an amazing program offered by one of my friends.


We will always make sure you get the BEST bonuses, the BEST training and the MOST help you can ever want.


ALL students who register through THIS BONUS page will get an exclusive and private members area – this is where we offer additional COACHING, additional TRAINING and tons more that we have not even told you about!


  • It’s ATTACHED To Your Main OMG Members Area
    You can access it right from the same OMG members area that you are about to get access to. You don’t have to remember multiple log-ins – we have twisted Mike Long’s arms to edit his own members area – just for you!

  • You Get Instant Access
    The members area is already LIVE and ACTIVE. You just need to join us at the bottom of this page and WA LA!

  • You Get Life-Time Access
    No matter what we add to it for the rest of your life – you have 100% access for Free!

  • No One Else Is Allowed In!
    This is a VERY exclusive members area. No one is allowed to “buy it” or negotiate their way in. We are 100% strict on this. This is ONLY for the OMG students referred in by Anik Singal.

We really cannot give away too many of these seats so please don’t wait – we’re highly limited – join now!



WOW – Now THAT Is Insane Value!
That’s Over $14,473 in FREE Bonuses!


Seriously…just take a minute to re-read that list and you’ll see two major things.

#1 – How Much I BELIEVE in the OMG Community + Training

#2 – How Much VALUE I want to Add this Minute!

I’m going to OVER-DELIVER on every bonus package and training you’ve ever seen because I KNOW that the OMG Community can make all the difference in your life – this very minute. 

It’s really your decision now – we have VERY limited seats. The only question left is:

“Are you serious about changing your life?”


I’m obviously pushing hard for you to join the OMG program by even adding over $14,473 in bonuses because I BELIEVE in this program and have seen the ridiculous results it creates!

I’m even going so far as to create my OWN TEAM of coaches, trainers and videos – all at MY expense, you don’t spend even a penny!


The $14,473 in Free Bonuses I’m adding are specifically meant to give you EVERYTHING you could ever need to become a ragingly successful OMG student!



FULL Transparency - How Can I Afford To Give You $14,473 IN FREE Bonuses?


I believe in 100% transparency.

There’s no catch here and no tricks.


See, I’ve spent over 2 months preparing these Free $14,473 in bonuses for you and I’ve honestly spent a small Fortune doing it all. I have even more costs coming up for me.


I have to pay your coaches, trainers and coders still – I’m literally decreasing YOUR business costs every single day by taking more and more of it on to myself.


So, you must be wondering – WHY.  WHY am I doing this and then also – HOW am I doing this?


#1 – I’m asking you to invest in the OMG program using MY affiliate link.

Pure and simple.  This way, I actually get a commission from the OMG team. I use a portion of that commission to help pay all these expenses & give you Free bonuses.

#2 – Your tiny investment remains the SAME.

You never spend an extra penny. However, if you were to invest into the OMG program from somewhere else, you’d never get a single bonus. 

These $14,473 in Bonuses are 100% FREE.

All in all – this is a 100% WIN-WIN for you.

You have no risk. Nothing to lose.

You get MORE support, MORE training and BETTER coaching – all for FREE!

How Exactly Do You Claim Your Free $14,473 in Bonuses?


It’s very simple.


Just click the link at the BOTTOM of this page before you join OMG. That’s it.


When you click the link below and THEN go to the OMG website, the technology behind-the-scenes will automatically know that you are OUR student.


After you make the investment, please give us about 48 hours or so to get in touch with you to deliver the bonus!

STEP 1 - Click Button Below & Go To OMG Website

Pure and simple. You don’t have to do anything but click the button below and join after clicking that. So…you can do it right away :)


Click the button below:

12 Monthly Payments of $699

One Payment of $7,999

Step 2: Make Your Decision BEFORE Our Last Email – We Are HIGHLY Limited

We are HIGHLY LIMITED. We have to be. Just the WordPress theme alone that we’ve created is worth millions and we don’t want it in the hands of too many people.

We can seriously pull this bonus at ANY time – do NOT miss your chance.

This could be the LAST chance you have to join – click the button below and let’s get started!


Step 3: Give Us 48 Hours To Get In Touch with You

Our systems should automatically tell us to be in touch with you – so there is not much more you have to do!  However, if you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, please contact us immediately at:



Our support team will follow-up with you within 24 hours or less. One way or the other, don't worry – we’ll make sure you get all your Free $14,473 in Bonuses!


We can’t wait to start working with you!  Please click the button below and let’s get started!

Total value of all these bonuses: $14,473


12 Monthly Payments of $699

One Payment of $7,999

Darrel Ferguson, In his 60s: $40,000 + Per Month

OMG: Scott Goes $0 to $20,000/month From Afghanistan Bunker

Mmichael 167k Amazon

OMG'er First 100-Days: Gregory Ortiz $19k per month

$100,000 In 60-Days, Joe Marfoglio Speaks Out On Local SEO, OMG

OMG: AC Repairman From $0 to $40,000/month

The OMG Way: Elizabeth $500k/Mo Amazon + SEO

Comeback! "You Saved Us!" $1000/Day Affiliate, $6,000/Month Local Jimmy Kelley

OMG: Larry $15,000 "Extra" per month

OMG: Kotton 130k/Mo

Who Bought Their OMG LIVE Nashville Ticket With OMG Profits?

OMG Grace 50k per month

OMG! Basketball Coach Lonnie Welch BANKS $72,000 with NHB

Proeject X - Mary Semmer: $5-Figures In Less Than 60-Days

The OMG Way: Alex Gould, $58,000 affiliate in the last 30-days

The OMG Way: Jeff Pittard $50,000

$3,500 Per Month: OMG'er Robert Hermann Speaks Out

The OMG Way: David Choi, 17k affiliate commissions in 90-days

OMG Breakthrough: Jason $27,000 Per Month

Brian Magnosi: $100,000 In 16 Weeks Project X

$38,000 In 60-Days: NHB'er Abby Speaks Out

OMG Jamaal 60k per month

$100,000 + Launch: OMG Extreme Case Study Mike Swanson

Hung: Treading Water to $160k/mo in 6-months

The OMG Way: James, $8,000/mo

NHB Armageddon: $25,000-$50,000 PER DAY! Tim Schmidt

$28,000 In 30-Days, Online And Offline Rich L OMG Extreme

OMG Jay N: $20,000 + $4,000 Per Month Local, $50,000 Affiliate!

The OMG Way: Michael Gall, $20,000/mo

Rob Jones $132,000: OMG Extreme Case Study

Kurt: $20,000 Per Month With NHB

OMG NHB: Angela Makes $47,000 In August

The OMG Way: $6000/mo in 30-days

The OMG Way: Kea 10k

NHB'er Adam Black: $6 Figures In Launch Jacking Success

Jason Patterson $50,000 Per Month: OMG Machines

Preston: $20k OMG

The OMG Way: Travis and Josh, $6,000/mo

David Hood Speaks Out About OMG NHB 2014: Project X - $87,500 in 6-Months

$0 to $20,000 Launch Jacking: OMG'er Faisal Speaks Out!

$8,000 Collected In 60-Days: Brian H Speaks Out On OMG

OMG: $5400 Commission, $600k Pending Sales: Jason & Martin Speak Out

Former Cop Makes $21,000 90-Days Into NHB

Mataj Bester: $100,000 Launch Jacking (OMG NHB!)

Gary: OMG For His Karate School

$8,000 In Profit In 30-Days, OMG NHB No Holds Barred Member Kelly

Albert Corey speaks out on OMG

Trish And Andrew Speak Out On OMG

OMG! Earn Money Online: $10,000 Recurring, Thomas M From Singapore Did It In 30-days!

$50,000: Peter Duncan Speaks Out On OMG

Chris speaks out on OMG No Holds Barred (NHB)

Mike McKay Quits His Day Job: OMG Commission Conspiracy, NHB Preview

$24,000 OMG Machines Deal: Tony Husted, Commission Conspiracy Sneak Preview

$32,000 Selling Website, Plus 2 Squidoo Lens Of The Days (OMG-er Kathy T Speaks Out!)

OMG! How To Make Money Online: Rookie Rakes In $3000 In 2-weeks! Brandon P Rocks It WIth OMG

OMG! Website Ranking: $25,000 PER MONTH In 30-Days. Randall P Live Case Study!

OMG: Baldwin 5k

OMG: Michael Nash Made $10,000 In His First Week With OMG Machines!

Brad Mabry $50,000 Affiliate/Ecommerce (Biggest Regret!)

OMG Dave 50k per month

Day Job Killer: $5-Figures Per Month! Brett Speaks Out

$40,000 Per Month: NHB'er Steve Bumgardener

Dustin: OMG Saved My Business ($6-figures)

$123,051 In 31-Days: Becker Speaks Out On OMG

Jake Tanner: $40k/mo

Bob Proctor speaks out on OMG


Ending In...

Ending In...